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Can be coached in person or via e-mail.
Have you ever been to a crooked psychologist’s office? Your abilities are been tested to the limit. The sweat is dripping from your forehead, your stomach is turning and you are feeling plain downright nausea.

These tests, whether done at school or privately, put us under so much pressure. You feel that you have to perform because your whole future depends on it. I got very little benefit from it and very few of my friends have.

Do you need to make that vital career choice? Have you been retrenched? Have you made the wrong career choice? Are you frustrated? Are you feeling uncertain? Do you have no sense of direction? Is there a lack of meaning in your working life? Is doubt stopping you from fulfilling your life purpose, your goals and your dreams?

Have you spent thousands on your own and/or your children’s education? How much of your time was spent learning how to prepare you to get a ‘real’ job? How much time was spending on making sure that your career matches your abilities, personality and dreams? How much time was spent on learning how to market "you"? It’s not too late

We transform the career counseling approach to a modern, logical and focused approach:
  • Career exploration – exploring your future, your career path, and where you may have taken the wrong turn and how to rectify it.
  • How to market your self, “branding”, and how to write that knockout CV.
  • Creating a step-by-step action plan to get the job you want.
  • We advise you on how to use your time constructively and how to stay motivated during the job search process.
  • The best jobs aren’t advertised; therefore we show you how to open hidden doors.
  • We introduce you to the wonderful world of networking.
  • We prepare you for that vital interview, remember: First impressions last!
Give yourself the best possible chance for success!!! Taking control of the complete job search approach instead of it taking control over you. Do something NOW and enquire with

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