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Psychometric testing is utilised to test the abilities, interests, personality and attitudes of groups or/and individuals.

Psychometric testing has a negative connotation to it. Therefore we:
  • We ensure that testees are at ease before the test;
  • That testees know what is expected of them before testing commences.
Jean du Rand and Associates utilise psychometric testing for the following purposes:
  • Assisting with subject choices for Grade 9 and 10 learners;
  • Determining career paths, university courses and job choices for Grade 12 learners;
  • Assisting with Adult learners that have come to a stuck point in their career;
  • Targeted selection of the right applicant for the right job. We match the individual psychological profile to the relevant job category;
  • Career pathing within the organisation;
  • Aptitude tests are available for specific industries including information; technology, financial and accounting services;
  • Determining training readiness;
  • Evaluation of management readiness and success;
  • Individual counselling for employees with work related and other stress;
  • Team Building Interventions;
  • Organisational culture and climate assessments.
Psychometric testing is a more objective approach in making informed decisions about career choices, organizational decisions and determining potential than traditionally more subjective approaches. Should you not give yourself and your company the best possible chance of success?

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