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When it comes to labour relations’ issues we believe in a pro-active, rather than re-active approach. Our main focus is to find a solution to the problem, not dwelling and getting strangled in legalities. Therefore we apply the "human-touch" principle in concurrence with professional legal counseling. However, our goal is to balance the legal aspect with the employer-employee relationship aspect. We aim at restoring the balance in your company. Our strength is in our personalised focus with a short turn around time.

Our speciality is facilitating or/and investigating contentious disciplinary hearings and grievances. We recommend that an independent chairman from Jean du Rand & Associates is appointed that has no prior knowledge of the allegations against the accused. An independent chairman has the advantage that he is objective and not emotionally involved with the processes of the company. An independent chairman will ensure that the disciplinary hearing is procedurally and substantively fair. In all likelihood the decision of our independent chairman will be upheld by the CCMA.

We also offer the following additional services:
  • Assisting with Retrenchments. We specialise in the after care of the employee after retrenchment has taken place;
  • Annual Wage and Substantive conditions of employment negotiations;
  • Resolving disputes regarding contentious job and salary gradings;
  • We specialise in assisting small business (especially in the tourism and retail sectors) to comply with the relevant Labour Relations Legislation;
  • Assist management in the preparation of CCMA cases.
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